Friday, January 03, 2014

From Nature’s Bounty to Rock Music to IIM SHILLONG

Landlocked within the barriers of the Khasi Hills lies this wonderful place, nature’s manifestation of subtle beauty and an enchantment that prolongs itself and lingers around your comprehension. Shillong, it is, the enchantress and the tantalizing beauty that leaves you bewildered with her awesomeness. This place credits itself to a plethora of offerings. One such typical feature being the fickle weather that is so susceptible to change and yet amazingly pleasant.
Culturally diversified with a tremendous flair for art and music, this place remarkably houses the most charming and happy people. Happy enough to actually leave the mundane metro and pro urban crowd green eyed. One must not be surprised to find this place leading the list with the highest Happiness Index. However, it would be sheer injustice, not to mention the love and passion people have towards music. Walking through the streets one can hear the loud rumbling of boom boxes, the sweet sounding choirs and the energetic crowd humming to the tunes of their favourite track. For all those who love to stay connected to music while travelling, there is nothing better than a cab ride in Shillong. They present to you a huge diversity of foot tapping tracks that tantalizes you to the core and leaves you with no option but to shake a leg the moment you get out of the cab. The twirling roads and the undulated terrain that traces itself to the infiniteness of the mountains at the backdrop is contagiously tempting. Beautifully crafted bamboo huts and the intricate designs stand a proof to the indigenously innovative genius that lies within the craftsmen out here. Every inch, of every single handicraft found here reflects pinnacle standards of precision and accuracy, with a tinge of subtle creativity, fit enough to set a benchmark for the best in the business. This place houses some of the most diverse and the rarest of flora and fauna. Few of which attribute themselves exclusively to this place.
Sports is religiously followed, one of those few places in India that breeds soccer and has produced some of the finest players at the national level who hold the potential to make it big. Shillong Lajong FC the stalwart football club that has taken this magnanimous leap towards popularizing the sport in the region and training the youth in football. All soccer enthusiasts who are reading this, it is nothing less than a paradise where you get the opportunity to learn the game being closest to the lap of nature. Typically the kind of setup many of us fancy or dream of. A brilliantly crafted eighteen hole golf course stands witness to nature’s genius. A game of golf here would indeed be a lifetime experience, to take home with.
Amidst this bountiful setup stands tall, Indian Institute Of Management, with a promise to inculcate and propagate the best practices for a sustainable future tomorrow. Indian Institute of Management, Shillong is the seventh IIM in the country and is presently in its fifth year of operations. Being the only IIM in the Northeastern region of the country, it is making rapid progress in terms of academic quality, extra-curricular activities, corporate visibility and social impact. The institute has credited itself to a plethora of achievements in such a brief span of time since its inception. The very visit of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam speaks volumes about the quality and depth this institute has to offer. IIM Shillong credits itself to hosting one of the most unique events and the first of its kind, the Golf Cup. There is nothing better than a game of golf to socialize and network. However amidst all these achievements the institute stands rooted to its vision of sustainable development. With an interactive course structure the institute has shown tremendous faith and confidence in interactive learning. Special focus being laid on practical implication and application of takeaways from these learnings.
As the students of the institute grow to become the change agents of tomorrow, it is essential that great minds inspire them to embark upon this journey.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Life's Lesson from North-East
As people bustled about in the Chennai Airport, I sat at a corner cross-legged in deep reflection. I was finally on my way to an IIM! The truth had not yet penetrated my consciousness. I had succeeded in accomplishing a feat which over a million people only dream of. My joy knew no bounds. I had no clue of what the future held. All I knew was that I would be happy. While I was waiting, a lady walked over to me and asked me where I was heading to. “Guwahati”, I said without interest. I was simply too engrossed in my own thoughts. “And what takes you there?” she probed further. I cleared my thoughts and replied “I am on my way to Shillong”. She looked at me inquisitively. “I will be joining IIM-Shillong”, I added swelling up with pride. Her attitude to me got even friendlier and she asked me if I would like to travel with her to Shillong from Guwahati. She was a native of Shillong. I was nonplussed. Someone I had met 5minutes ago had offered to help me. What did she want from me? My mind started wondering involuntarily. I felt skeptical and suspicious. At one point of time I even wondered if she was going to kidnap me! However since it was my first trip to the North East and I hardly knew the place, I agreed to travel with her and it was indeed a pleasant journey.
The lady’s selfless generosity and my doubtful attitude set me thinking. We live in this materialistic world, not caring about the feelings of people around us. However even today there are people with this spirit of giving without thinking about at their personal gains. North East is full of such people and I am overjoyed that I live in such a community. The busy metro life gives us no time to ‘stand and stare’. We have no time to wave hi to our neighbors or politely nod at our janitor. We help those who can help us in return. Shunned by the society and treated as an outcast the underprivileged and needy have nowhere to turn to. Urbanization has transformed us into self-centered, prejudiced demons.
It is a wonderful feeling to see that altruistic people are still alive and kicking. In the north eastern hills of India there live people with the humane and friendly nature actively participating in their day today routines. What sets them apart is their character of not expecting returns for their good deeds. These people live together in harmony with nature showing consideration for their fellow human beings. Each one of us has a lesson to learn from them in order to make this world a better place for the entire human race.
Selflessness…something one ought to take back from the evergreen North East! May their tribe increase!
Niveditya S
PGP 12-14

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am In Mad (I.I.M) love.....

Is it alright if everything in life goes according to a plan? Is it fine if life was just a replica of our thoughts about anticipated future? If so, where is the thrill of living then? Where is the joy of life? This is a peculiar story about one of my journeys, where I never reached my destination yet I was very happy about missing my train for the destination.
I missed the last train for my final destination. I was very tired after a grueling journey and it was raining cats and dogs in the place I was in, I was at my wits end unable to desperately needed a shelter for myself, Running from one house to another I saw the perfect silver lining for the darkest cloud of the night I saw her, her glowing smile blew me away off my feet!!!. She was the real beauty personified, the most serene being I ever saw. She was very benevolent to give me a room to stay for. Her house was a galore of excitement and enjoyment, everyone was very gleeful. She had a really interesting lot of neighbours, very inquisitive, initially I was apprehensive about mingling with them and how would they accept a newbie from an alien land? How could I mingle How could I spend the entire night in such a commotion? Wait a minute, suddenly I realized that I lost the track of her, my eyes started to glide from one corner of the house to another searching her. I started searching her sparkling eyes, searching my new found destiny, searching the answer for the loneliness in me which was troubling me for a long time. Searching for a glimpse of her, searching for myself in her and wandering aimlessly throughout her house
One of her neighbours said “Hi, buddy, you seem lost. Where are you from? Tell me something about yourself?” I was irritated about this interruption in my quest of the special someone. However, reluctantly I replied my introduction in a concise yet precise manner. When strange people talk it is a sight to watch for the normal ones, and when a stranger opens his mouth about himself in a dispersed gathering the gathering becomes a congregation with the stranger being the center of people’s attraction. There were promptings from someone, encouraging comments from one end. This excited me for the attention I was receiving from these anonymous people whom I met a while ago. I totally forgot that I was in the alien in the mob and I started to sing. I wanted to steal
this moment of joy and treasure it forever by doing something crazy. Eureka!!! An idea clicked. I decided to sing a song which was from a language I did not know but I barely managed to by heart its lyrics. Fortunately, I did not play a spoil sport and gave a decent performance. Her neighbours who were my strangers a while ago started to cheer me up, started to pat my shoulder, I felt relived, I felt that I have found new friends in the weirdest of the circumstances. The rain has not abetted it is still driving the entire night crazy with its fury and so were my thoughts about her. The only point of concern was “Where was she? “
Tired with this fruitless search ,my eyes have gave way to sleep and I choose the warm corner of the cozy little room in her house. The next day morning I was awakened by that sweet voice of her “Good morning” she said. After having my breakfast, I could see an apprehension on that cute face of hers. On my enquiry she said “The bridge which connects this place to the rest of the world has been damaged very badly because of the heavy downpour in the yesterday night. People around are saying it would take them two long years to bring it back to normal. I am afraid you have to stay here for two years”. I was shocked by this abnormal turn of events; I was nonplussed then came a strange and splendid thought. Here I am with the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine, I was with the happiness I was searching for my entire lifetime. So should I treat these two years of my stay here, as a burden or as a perfect opportunity to pursue my happiness? I decided to stay back in this alien land, full of green pastures, lovely weather, and this part of my life I wanted to call it as Madly Behind my Angel (M.B.A).
Then I hear words from the other end of the house “Go get yourself registered at the town auditorium before it gets very late”. I decided to follow her words, and there I walk to the auditorium counting my footsteps and hoping for a day when we can stay together forever and the world would say I am In Mad love (I.I.M) for her….. (cont.)

Chandrsekhar Susarla
PGP 12-14

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

IIM Shillong participants turn 'GodSellers'

GodSeller 2.0, one of the most awaited intra-college events at IIM Shillong organized by the marketing club,recently concluded with huge participation and unprecedented enthusiasm. The four hour event where participants in teams put up stalls in the college managed to earn a whopping half a lakh of rupees as revenue. The event kicked off with a truly professional touch with teams playing their stake in a bidding process to book their stalls. With a total of ten stalls, the event saw huge footfall from IIM Shillong and its neighboring institutes like NIFT and North Eastern Hill University to name a few. The guests gorged on the delicacies on offer to their heart’s content and tried their luck at the variety of games that were organized by the teams. Spicy corns, parathas, chocolate sandwiches, shakes and other mouth watering stuff that  a student away from home craves for, drew the crowd like magnet. people could not help but try their hand at the various games that tested their aim, their wits and their luck with friends challenging each other and having a time of their lives. Elegantly designed stalls offering customers a unique way to deliver messages to friends, foes or a secret crush drew people in hordes with their artistically designed hand-made flowers and cards. Song dedications kept the guests in a constant groove and the usual quietness of the night was replaced by an air of festive enjoyment. The event on a whole was a tremendous success that left the teams and the guests in eager anticipation for the same in the coming year.

Poulomi Pal

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Have you had those times in life when life is just rushing by and suddenly someone up above pushes a button and life switches over to slow motion, not for much long, but that is when you appreciate life and the beauty of it. It was that July morning when after about seven restless days and seven sleepless nights we had our first outing. As we gathered at ‘the ramp’ and waited for the entire batch to arrive, there was this one line from a senior the previous night that kept ringing in our ears, “We’ll show you how beautiful Shillong is”.
All geared up, we were fed with instructions to trek up a mountain being shown only the tower at the top, no routes prescribed and no milestones marked. However, we had the one choice to ourselves that would define the journey we take. We choose our own path. The fact that we were in groups made it all the more challenging as we all had the same goal but different ways to approach it. Well it’s a pretty good analogy to life, I thought. At the bottom of the hill, as you are staring at your goal, you have a million options to choose from, several paths you can tread upon. You know they are all going to lead you to the top, but it’s the path you choose that defines who you are. As you clear your head and are about to take the first step, you realize you are not alone. There are strings you are tied with and you can’t afford for them to snap. Any path you choose, these forces are going to play a part. And you stride along taking them in hand.
The paths were all different, some long yet easy and some short but steep. Some were rocky and firm, some wet and slippery. But It was all in our mind, I realized. They were a reflection of the values we live by and the flexibility we are ready to exercise upon them. You couldn’t say which trail had been treaded upon and which was the road less taken. You walk uphill conjuring all the strength and stamina you possibly thought you had, realizing on the way that there are no shortcuts in life.
The thing that drove us in the first place, that sight of the tower, was what kept us going even when we were down and thought for a second that maybe this wasn’t worth the pain. But the first time you see it within your reach and sprint towards it as if you’re afraid it would disappear in a jiffy, you know it then and there that this was all worth it. And that you wouldn’t want it any other way. The picture you take there stays with you forever, in your camera and on your mind.
Yet the story doesn’t end there. As you walk down the hill, measuring your steps and taking care not to fall flat, you realize the journey downhill is as beautiful as the one uphill. The beauty of life takes you by surprise. That is the trek, the trek I call life..

Sushree Lipsita Tripathy
PGP 12
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